Awaken Today Workshop: Tour Tickets (2/3 Hour Event)


We often think of creating our dream life or awakening spiritually as difficult, even impossible to attain... But what if I proved you wrong? What if there was a direct way to cultivate self-mastery on both a physical and spiritual level that was not only effective, but enjoyable?

These solutions are what this masterclass will aid you in discovering within yourself. No nonsense. Just three magic & powerful hours effective methods, hands-on conscious activities and deeply resounding meditations & lectures to allow you to Awaken Today, no matter who or where you are... The only requirement? That you are truly ready to change your life today... This is a ONE-TIME event. It will not be recorded or posted online. This will only be available to attendees.

 - So What's included? -

  • 2 to 3 Hours of Transformative work with Vishuddha Das
  • In-Depth Lecture on Spiritual Evolution and Manifestation Psychology (Including Real-Time Practices for Both)
  • Guided Manifestation Meditation & Singing Bowl
  • Direct Methods for Spiritual Growth & Building a New Reality Today
  • Interactive Q&A Session with Vishuddha Das

Tour Dates: Las Vegas, NV - August 2nd @ 6-8pm |San Francisco, Ca - August 4th @ 5-7:30pm | Los Angeles, Ca - August 7th @ 5-7pm | San Diego, Ca - August 9th @ 7-10pm | Dallas, TX - August 11th @ 3-6pm | Chicago, IL - August 13th @ 7-9pm | New York City - August 16th | Atlanta, GA - August 18th @ 11-1:30pm | Miami, Fl - August 20th @ 6-8pm

NOTE: Each event is LIMITED SEATING... This means there will only be 20-30  tickets for each city. That's it. So book your spot now. <3 Ram Ram!

How to Attend: Upon purchase a Digital E-Ticket will be emailed to you (so please provide an active email) then simply bring this ticket printed out, or on your phone to the event on the correct date.