The 2020 Conscious Calendar! *FREE Shipping*

For Sale is a limited run of just 200 Conscious Calendars for the 2020 year, personally signed and dated by Vishuddha Das. I personally created these calendars to contain not just important dates, but to challenge and improve your own inner state of being and conscious growth. I truly hope it can guide you the way I hope it will.


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These Calendars Include:

  • Over 35 Book Recommendations for monthly reading
  • Birthdays of over 40+ Spiritual Teachers & Dieites
  • Complete List of New & Full Moons for the Year 2020
  • Complete List of Equinoxes and Solstices for the Year 2020
  • 48 Weekly Spiritual Challenges for Growth & Development
  • Dozens of Hindu & Buddhist Holidays for Personal Celebration
  • 12 Spiritual Archetypes to Represent Each Month of the Year
  • Monthly Inspirational Quotes for Conscious Guidance
  • Personally Signed & Dated by Vishuddha Das