Large Indian Rudrasha Mala (54 Beads)

These japa mala beads are hand-made in India and includes 54 sacred Large Rudraksha sees, and also also a blessed Lord Shiva 'guru bead' with a bright red tassle representing "Brahman, the infinite cosmos itself."

What are Rudraksha seeds? They are sacred seeds found in Australia, India and also Nepal, named after Rudra, or Lord Shiva. According to the Shiva Purana, Lord Shiva woke from a deep meditation, opened his eyes and tear drops fell /to the earth. These tear drops took the from of seeds that became the Rudraksha tree.

Rudraksha seeds are used for Japa Mala or the chanting of a mantra (single name/word or affirmation) that allows us to enter into a deep state of bliss. They are also said to offer us protection in life, in relationships and when we travel as well. The wearing of Rudraksha is also said to assist us in continued good physical health as well.