Conscious Confidence Coaching

    • For Sale is a few Email Sessions with Vishuddha Das (Koi Fresco)
    • Sessions take Place at 5:30pm PST and can be booked for ANY Day of the week.

    How to Book:

      After Purchase please send a single email to:
      Title email: "Order Number (Your Number)"
      In the body of the email inform vishuddha das of ONE Main Subject (limited to 3 question variants surrounding it)  that you would like advice around and what questions you have that Vishuddha can assist you with. Please limit email to 400 Words Max so the essence of your message is not lost on unnecessary details.
      I truly look forward to speaking &
      Please allow 72 Hours for a Response<3



        All sessions are fully private and will never be shared with anyone.

        Email Sessions can be for any form of advice, guidance, counseling or questions you might have. All forms of assistance are welcome.


        Note: I am not a trained nor licensed therapist or counselor. My guidance stems only from my life experience and studies of Eastern Philosophy over the past 7 years from many teachers & practices alike. If you are seeking professional guidance from a certified conselor or psychiatrist please refrain from booking...