30 Minute Therapy/Healing/Coaching Session (Private)


  • As a Certified REBT (Cognitive/Behavioral) Therapist who studies under the non-dual school of life, focused on self-improvement, energetic cleanses and overall mental health in life these sessions are the perfect tool for anyone looking to heal past traumas, mental blockages, and to receive guidance to thriving in this life, finding effective methods of self-actualization and improvement, as well as in depth coaching on both a physical and spiritual level.
  • We will work together and find the PERFECT tools for you to heal and grow, and with hundreds of session already completed, you can take solace in knowing you are in good hands, who want nothing more than for you to thrive.


  • Sessions can be booked for ANY Day of the week so long as 24 hours notice is given to set up the meeting.
  • Sessions are conducted Via Phone, Skype, Zoom or whichever works best for you 

How to Book:

    After Purchase please send a single email to:
    Title email: "Order Number (Your Number)"
    In the body of the email inform Vishuddha of what upcoming
    days you are available for an appointment.
    Please allow 24-48 Hours for a Response<3



      All sessions are fully private and will never be shared with anyone.

      Sessions can be for any form of advice, guidance, counseling or questions you might have. All forms of assistance are welcome.




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