Who is Vishuddha Das? (Koi Fresco)

Who Am I...? Quite the question isn't it?
     So much so that I have the same question tattooed on my hand. Who I am, on a soul level is the same as you. Eternal. . Bliss. Or as it is known in Vedanta, Satchitananda the divine unending nature that is at the core of us all... Now I could go on about this but I know you're reading this page because you want to know who I am on the material level.
     After all if you're going to potentially work with me, or ask me for any form of guidance, including investing in my workshops and phone sessions then you want to be sure you're learning from someone who can actually help you. Why Do I Know this?
Because I Helped Myself.
     On the surface I may look like just another stereotypical spiritual teacher, but we both know that the surface can be misleading. I am currently 25 years old and have been studying rigorously for the last 7 years the deepest non-dual philosophies of Buddhism, Hinduism and more Eastern Psychology. And unlike many people who merely read this information, I do my best to embody it.
     At this moment in time and for the past year and a half I have been studying directly with Swami Sarvadevananda of the Vedanta Society. A foundation based on the guidance of non-dual Vedanta, by Sri Ramakrishna, and founded by the infinitely informative Swami Vivekananda... Two powerhouses of spiritual wisdom. Here at this society I received Guru-Diksha or Spiritual Initiation in the Vedantic lineage, and have since taught regularly in Los Angeles, University of Southern California, and spiritual events such as Bhakti Fest where I host workshops, lectures and guided meditations for the masses.
     This is also accompanied by the two best-selling books I have published which are available to read on in the menu above... I also teach and create educational content 4 days a week on my YouTube channel in an effort to condense complex spiritual information into simple yet informative wisdom that you can access at any time.
You See I Have Used My Learnings to Manifest My Dream Reality.
So why learn or work with me? Because at 19 years old I was a convicted felon with a full time minimum wage job and nothing but the passion to help myself and others. Many would write someone in this position off from ever transforming their reality to match their dreams, but not me. Instead I utilized my spiritual practices to learn how to love myself and provide myself with infinite energetic and spiritual abundance that have since brought me bountiful financial freedom and success not just on a soul level, but on a worldly level too.
This life is a game. You can learn to master & enjoy it!
     I don't say this to brag, or to imply that I am special in any way for creating this life and living from my heart because I am not.
     You too can achieve this level of self love, spiritual awareness and financial growth if you can find a true balance between the eternal and the ephemeral that is your life.
     So if what I say rings true, and you find my books, videos, lectures and more helpful, then I ask you to search your heart, and join me if you so choose in this array of workshops, phone sessions and private mentor-ship so that you too can invest in your best possible life. So that you can awaken to your true dharma once and for all!
- Ram Ram