Private Mentoring & Coaching (Long & Short Term for Spiritual, Social & Financial Growth)

So you say you're interested in transforming your life? Not just on a spiritual level, but on a social & financial level too? A Transformation that is not only conscious but constructive for yourself, and those around you? If so, lets continue...

     After all from 3 month to 7 months, any way you look at it that is a lot of dedication to bettering yourself on every level possible... A level of dedication not many are willing to make. Why?

     Because dedication isn't always easy, and it isn't always enjoyable. But it is transformative. And transformation of what we are, into what we can become is worth far more than temporary bouts of discomfort... So I will say if you're not truly looking for guidance at the deepest level, or willing to make sacrifices for it in order to better your life forever, this program isn't for you.

     But if you are ready to evolve your daily spiritual practices, the experiences you take in and expand your perception of not just reality, but of money, success, social expansion in order tp awaken to your true potential on all possible levels in order to discover your true dharma, your true path in life then this is for you.



I wont lie, this isn't cheap. But it isn't supposed to be.


     After All this isn't just me emailing you and saying 'good job heres a guided meditation'... This is a DIRECT & DAILY Where we will be working exclusively together to help decipher what it is that is holding you back, and in doing so we will together develop a perfect multi-month guidance program to help uproot these regressive tenancies and replant the seeds needed to reinvent yourself.
  • Along these lines we will again, speak over the phone daily
  • work together on psychical & spiritual activities via Skype
  • Study Ancient & Modern Vedantic and Self-Help Philosophies
  • Learn How to Implement said philosophies in waking life
  • Discover how to best approach social life & thrive when with others
  • How to Cultivate a more pure perspective on all of reality.
  • Navigate the murky waters of money, and how to monetize your passions
  • Oh yeah, help you discover just what your path in life is
  • Work Privately on Social Presence, and building your dreams
  • Spending Time doing multi-hour Q&A/Immersive inner therapy
  • Building a Daily Spiritual Practice that best suits YOU.
  • Removing that which does not currently serve our best future
  • Synchonized, live meditation & workshop sessions together Via Skype for a more connected experience
  • WORKING TOGETHER IN PERSON (If Locations Permit)
  • And Teaching You through the wisdom taught to my by my Swami.
  • & MUCH MUCH MORE....

     This is just some of what we will be doing in our mentor ship program together just so you can see how dedicated it is to YOU specifically.



So if this all seems like something you want to do, and you have the financial means to do so,

  • Email me at:
  • Title your email: Private Mentorship Program
  • In the body of your email: select mentorship length (3 or 7 months)
  • In Less than 1000 Words: Write to me just why you would like to apply for this mentorship program and list what exactly you are aiming to work on, improve, change, and achieve over our potential time working directly together. Please be as open, honest and expressive as you can, for I must know if you are truly committed to reinventing yourself as a whole and manifesting your true reality.
 Please End Your Email with Your Budget for This Program
     Again this is how much YOU can spend invest in yourself for this daily program of working together. Any low offers will be denied, because remember, this is essentially you hiring me for a full time job that will last three months to seven months.... I need to know you are going all out on creating the best you, and your investment in doing so will show that. Prices of course will vary and we can work together to find one that works for you!
     I can only work with a few people at a time so spots are very limited! First come, first serve.
Hope to hear from you soon!
Ram Ram - Vishuddha Das