Blue Dalmatian Jasper Necklace Wrap! (Grade AA)

These beautiful Blue Dalmatian Jasper crystal wraps are all hand made by Vishuddha Das and come in  gold, silver or antique brass wire options. Each crystal is of the highest current grades (A or AA) and is fully unique to any other crystal wrap, and comes with a pure hemp necklace as well. Stock is currently limited due to my travels, so get yours while they last! Much love. - V.D

Order Includes:

Custom Crystal Wrap (x1) & 24" Pure Hemp Neclacke Rope (x1)


"What Are Blue Dalmatian Jasper's Properties?"

Blue Dalmatian Jasper has Metaphysical Properties removes disillusionment, assisting lucid dreaming, and will aid you with spiritual grounding and psychic protection. Aids in seeing your strengths and Weaknesses.

Note: Each crystal wrap is unique, and not endorsed as a medical cure to any ailments you may have. Any Traits mentioned above are purely hypothetical and provided for interest and artistic value, not as a statement of facts.